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Welcome to Sunbeam Veterinary

The team at Sunbeam Vets

Sunbeam Veterinary Clinic, Blackpool opened in 2003. Initially staffed by Veterinary Surgeon Dermot Cunningham and a single veterinary nurse the provision of a quality service was appreciated by the local population and we graduated from Veterinary Clinic to Hospital within a few short years.

With increasing numbers of pets coming through the doors more staff were needed and Joe Keane was the next Veterinary Surgeon to join.

Further expansion and improvement of the facilities on site has led us to the current position where we have the original Hospital in Blackpool and three further clinics, one each in Cobh, Passage West and off the Kinsale Road Roundabout.

Currently we have a staff of 9 full time Veterinary Surgeons, 15 fully qualified Veterinary Nurses, a Veterinary Nursing hydrotherapist and 4 office staff/receptionists between our four bases – Sunbeam Veterinary Hospital, Blackpool, Sunbeam Veterinary Clinic, Kinsale Road, Sunbeam Veterinary Clinic, Ticknock Retail Park, Cobh & Sunbeam Veterinary Clinic, Passage West.

Veterinary Surgeons

Dermot Cunningham and Joseph Keane are the two most senior Vets in Sunbeam. Dermot holds a certificate in Small Animal Medicine and Western Veterinary Acupuncture. Joe holds a certificate in Small Animal Surgery.


Our other Vets are Cathal Rafferty, who also has a cert in Small Animal Surgery. Suzanne Kelly has certificates in Western Veterinary Acupuncture and Chronic Pain Management as well as further qualifications in Veterinary Dentistry and Veterinary Herbal Medicine. Denise Philpott qualified in Germany and has been living in Ireland for years. She has further qualifications in Veterinary Cardiology.

We also have visiting Veterinary specialists in ophthalmology and surgery to further enhance the services we have available.

Veterinary Nurses

All our Veterinary Nurses are fully qualified and available for a range of duties including Nurse clinics for puppies, diabetics, dental checks to name but a few. Our nursing team is led by Hilary and Grainne and are always available to answer your questions or just for a chat.

Receptionists/Office Staff

Derek, Siobhan and Grace are the faces you will most likely see if you visit or hear if you ring.

Dental Services

In addition to the normal cleaning and descaling of teeth we have specialist dental x-rays which allow us to assess your pets dental health properly. Suzanne with her extra qualifications accepts dental referrals from all over Ireland.


All our nurses have been fully educated on the correct nutritional needs of your pets. These needs can change as your pet ages and also in case of disease – our Nursing team can advise in these situations.

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