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Annual Care Plan

About the plan
Customer holding a puppy

We are delighted to offer your pets an annual health plan.

In line with our commitment to provide a comprehensive and quality veterinary service for those animals under our care, we feel that this care plan offers excellent value for money.

The care plan uses guaranteed products to ensure your pet remains as healthy as possible throughout the year. In addition to looking after your pets needs you also benefit from a wide range of discounts on other services & products.

This care plan will be available to all.

Download our Pet health plan booklet

What does the Health plan cover?


  • Full vaccination either primary course or booster

Flea & Tick Control

  • Complete Flea and Tick control for one year.

Worm Control

  • Worm control for one year providing cover against all common  types of worms either by tablet, spot-on treatment or a combination of both.

Health Checks

Two annual nose-to-tail health checks at six monthly intervals,

  • 10% Discount off additional vaccinations, e.g. Kennel Cough & Rabies
  • 10% Discount off neutering (Only applies to animals under one year of age)
  • 10% Discount off other consultations and procedures including medications.
  • 10% Discount off foods.
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