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Sunbeam Veterinary Hospital

Dog doing hydrotherapy
Dog undergoing CT scan
Puppies & Kittens

Sunbeam Veterinary Hospital welcomed its first patients on August 25th, 2003. Our aim is to provide the highest quality veterinary care for all our patients in a friendly, caring environment. We continually strive to expand and improve on the range of services we provide for our clients.

We strongly believe that preventative medicine is the best medicine. Annual check-ups for all pets are recommended to identify any potential health problems at an early stage and to give preventative vaccinations where suitable. Our nurses provide free clinics for all ages of pets.


We have the ability to hospitalise pets that require fluid therapy, 24hr monitoring or continuous medication. Our fully qualified nursing staff provide around the clock care.


Schedules are discussed and tailored to the individual pet during this annual visit.


If medical test are required to further identify or monitor a health problem, we have a well equipped in house laboratory. We also have accounts with many specialty labs nationally and internationally for more involved cases.

X-ray, ultrasound and Endoscopy services on site.


Dental disease is increasingly common in our pets and with this comes bad breath (halitosis), discoloured teeth, gum disease, pain and increased salivation. Research is showing that tartar accumulation and the associated gum disease it causes have devastating effects on an animal’s overall health. Particularly at risk are the heart, liver and kidney. Consequently we include a dental examination in each consultation and can recommend a preventative care programme at home. If descaling and polishing or other dental work is needed we also provide this.


We firmly believe in the saying “You are what you eat” and for this reason we promote healthy and appropriate diets for your pets. To this end we stock Hills petfoods and also Benyfit Natural Rawfood diets. These include prescription diets for pets with health problems that can be managed with diet, as well as maintenance foods for different life stages (Paediatric, Adult, Mature, Senior). For dietary advice to suit your pet please talk to any staff member.

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