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Hydrotherapy Centre

Rehabilitation at Sunbeam Hydrotherapy Unit
Dog being treated in the Hydrotherapy unit
Pet hydrotherapy

Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy are commonly used in human medicine and have started to become a recognised treatment modality in veterinary medicine.

In our Hydrotherapy Unit we endeavour to devise treatment plans involving both physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to treat the various ailments our pets encounter.

Physiotherapy is the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery.

Hydrotherapy treatment involves exercising on an underwater treadmill. By having the treadmill underwater and varying the water level it is possible to alter the amount of work done by the animal’s muscles and joints.

Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy have proven beneficial in the treatment and management of arthritis, obesity and cardiac insufficiency. They are also beneficial in post-injury and post-surgical rehabilitation, speeding up healing and reducing the time taken by the animal to return to full fitness.

An individual treatment plan is tailored to your pets needs by our in-house physiotherapist.

Conditions treated are:

  1. Joint conditions
  2. Hip and elbow dysplasia
  3. Post orthopaedic surgery
  4. Soft tissue injuries (muscle
  5. Maintaining mobility in older patients
  6. Post-neurological injury
  7. Osteochondrosis
  8. Pre and post operative conditioning
  9. Arthritis – reduced pain and increased mobility
  10. CDRM – chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy
  11. Spinal injuries
  12. Disc disease
  13. Cruciate ligament injuries and post operative recovery
  14. Muscle strengthening maintenance and restoration
  15. Relief of pain
  16. Relaxation of muscle spasms
  17. Cardiovascular fitness (heart and lungs)
  18. Obesity (weight loss in conjunction with diet)
  19. Mental well being

For further information or a tour of the unit please contact us on: 021 439 1600 or …

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